When one thinks about the context and plot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he or she may claim the show itself is a feminist show. The show is centered on a heroic female trying to save the world.  But, the once very popular show has many clichés about women that many strong minded feminists may find “offensive” or “stereotypical.” If this show is a feminist show, then why would Joss Whedon include these overdone clichés? Joss Whedon included these conventional images of women to make Buffy seem as if she has the best of both worlds and that she is more relatable to the young audience. The show itself demonstrates this image for Buffy in many, if not all of the episodes but, there is one episode in particular that really draws attention.

In season one episode three, Buffy makes the typical teenager decision to try out for the cheerleading team. Because of this story line one may say that Buffy is being a stereotype that young girls are often perceived to do.  This stereotype is that all girls have the dream of being on the cheerleading squad and want to be peppy and pretty. Although, this intriguing episode exhibits that she has “the best of both worlds.” Buffy can kick some monster butt and still live what is known as a normal teenage life.  While defeating a witch and wearing a cheerleading uniform does not seem ideal, this image shows that Buffy sometimes has to make sacrifices and put her high school self aside and save the world. This scene in particular demonstrates that she had to make that decision. Yes, Joss Whedon could have picked another athletic or school activity other than cheerleading for Buffy to get involved in however, the cliché itself is what makes Buffy more relatable.

Having a relatable character in a show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer helps the audience connect with the show and want to watch it. The audience can relate to what Buffy is going through but also have a storyline that no one else has experienced before which is vampires. It is what kept Joss Whedon’s audience watching, wondering what will happen to Buffy the vampire slayer next.