Firefly is set in a Western futuristic setting and the audience is first introduced to a war scene (before being introduced to the official cast) where we see the main character, Mal who is struggling to win a war against the alliance. Mal and his crew in the end lose the war and suddenly Mal’s faith is lost. Near the end of the first scene, Mal’s crew is getting shot down, the so called angels and war crafts are getting closer, Mal and his team are no longer fighting, a member of Mal’s crew ends up getting shot, and a soft melody by a violin is being played in the background. This suggests Mal’s loss in faith throughout the rest of the season as the audience can see through many encounters that Mal has with his cast. A clear example of this is anytime Mal comes in contact with a female ‘companion’ (who he requests on his ship) known as Anara. ‘Companion’ suggesting that she’s a whore, which Mal often calls her throughout the series. He often thinks this way because Anara’s job is to sleep with men and sometimes women. Centered around this idea though, the audience learns that Anara has a kind of religion around her as well because she has more of a holistic and spiritual guide around her and this is prevalent when the Shepherd first walks into her cabin as she’s bathing herself. He walks in, she automatically assumes he’s going to lecture her on morality when he clearly states that that is not the case. Other examples of religious type characters that appear on Firefly that conflict with Mal are Simon (who is the doctor), River (the sister of Simon), the Bishop, and Anara. Throughout the series the audience can tell that Mal is struggling to believe in faith but near the end of the series it is prevalent that he’s slowly starting to come to with faith again and the audience can tell this because he’s becoming more of a community with his crew again.