Joss Whedon and Feminism

Lost Faith in Firefly

Firefly is set in a Western futuristic setting and the audience is first introduced to a war scene (before being introduced to the official cast) where we see the main character, Mal who is struggling to win a war against... Continue Reading →


Whedon and the male gaze Continued

  The "male gaze", which is the way in which women are depicted from a masculine viewpoint, is a useful lens to critique a text's view towards woman.  The "Teacher's Pet" episode from Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and his... Continue Reading →

Implicit Meaning of Whedon’s Work

  Once again, Joss Whedon uses camera angles, costume design, and character development to clue the audience in on what is going on, without having to say so. One scene in particular is one of the first scenes in the... Continue Reading →

Joss Whedon’s focus on stereotypes and satire

Cabin in the Woods is no ordinary cheesy horror film. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard created Cabin in the Woods to ultimately make fun of horror films by implementing stereotypical characters including the jock, the dumb blonde, "the virgin", the... Continue Reading →

Josh Whedon on strong female characters in Firefly

  In terms of female complexity in characters, Firefly defines the female roles in films more than any of Josh Whedon's other works. Firefly is a fourteen episode series set in an apocalyptic western setting surrounding the travels of a... Continue Reading →

Cabin in the Woods and Female Iconoclasm

The presence of stereotypes in works of literature, film, and music establishes a canon of information for the audience to derive assumptions for. Assumptions are made and thus subconsciously the audience begins to decipher the meaning which they associate with... Continue Reading →

Joss Whedon on the Avengers

Scarlett Johansson considers Joss Whedon to be "gender blind... and wants female characters to be dynamic" The fact that a leading actress in "The Avengers" series considers Whedon to be "gender-blind" is something to take into consideration when discussing Whedon... Continue Reading →

Joss Whedon and Feminsts on Twitter

The following is a video discussing the role of activists on Twitter and Joss Whedon . It extends upon the controversy concerning Whedon on feminism. This video is a vlog opinion discussing the same issue from a younger perspective.   -Jennah Curtin

Clichés in Buffy for or against feminist approach?

When one thinks about the context and plot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he or she may claim the show itself is a feminist show. The show is centered on a heroic female trying to save the world.  But, the... Continue Reading →

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